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New Campaign Event: Virtual Town Hall

Friends, You are invited to join our next Virtual Town Hall on April 28 at 7pm EST. During this town hall we will focus on our veterans and their mental health.  We will be joined by Mr. Richard Hale and Mr. James Abraham. James Abraham is a former reporter, editor, editorial writer, literary critic, and columnist with…

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New Campaign Event: Environmental Virtual Town Hall with Dr. William Keller

Friends, You are invited to join my next Virtual Town Hall on April 14 at 7pm EST. We will focus on issues relating to the environment and be joined by esteemed Dr. William “Coty” Keller. Dr. Keller is a Florida Master Naturalist, ecologist and Vietnam Veteran. Dr. Keller is also the chair of the Florida…

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New Campaign Event: Virtual Town Hall on March 31, 2020

I would like to invite you to join me live on social media for a virtual town hall. My team and I are still practicing #socialdistancing, but I want to get to know more of you and learn about what matters to you. On March 31 at 8pm EST I want to give you space to…

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New Campaign Event – Speckled Perch Festival on March 14

On Saturday, March 14, Allen will be at the Speckled Perch festival in Okeechobee. If you see him and the team of #Pathfinders be sure to come up and say hello. Remember you can click here to find out how you can help Allen get District 17 on A New Path Forward. Please email…

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BiWeekly Campaign Recap – Week Ending 2/9/20

I am excited to share some behind the scenes media and campaign updates. You may right click these images to save them or share this post with your network. Thank you for your continued support. Together we can set District 17 on A New Path Forward! Click here to donate $10 to support our campaign.

New Campaign Event: Desoto County Church Tour

On Sunday, February 9, the Ellison for Congress Campaign Committee has the incredible opportunity to meet with DeSoto County residents during a church tour. Allen Ellison wants to hear from you and share his vision with you. Churches have long served as pillars of hope in our communities so we find it fitting to meet…

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Ellison for Congress Campaign Events – January 18, 2020

We are proud to announce several new opportunities for Allen to hear from you in person. This weekend Allen will be present at several different events around District 17. We will being honoring the legacy of Dr. King at the Annual Community Breakfast at Punta Gorda middle school. Our team will then join forces with…

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New Campaign Event: Allen Ellison + Sarasota County Democrats

We are proud to announce another opportunity for Allen to hear from you. On January 15 Allen will join the Sarasota Democrats as they celebrate the grand opening of their new office in North Port. Local offices of the democratic party are a pillar and a hub for our community. They also serve an important…

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