LETTER: Steube voted against aid for the Panhandle

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Some 237 days after Hurricane Michael devastated the Florida Panhandle, the U.S. Senate passed an aid bill which will go to President Trump for his signature.

Two Florida senators voted “no” on the legislation including U.S. Congressional District 17 Representative Greg Steube. In a press statement, Steube said that while he was glad the panhandle received the funding it desperately needed, he could not in good conscience vote for the Supplemental Appropriation.

As those of us who survived the devastation of Hurricane Charley know well, the sense of loss and grief following such a tragedy is unimaginable. In the case of our neighbors in the panhandle, that it took 267 days for Congress to act is bad enough. That Rep. Steube used the tragedy as a way to show his donors how fiscally conservative he is, is unforgivable.

We attended a virtual event recently at which Allen Ellison, candidate for U.S. Congressional District 17, spoke about the issues facing our district. While it was important to hear about Allen’s plans to address the pandemic and get us back to normal as quickly as possible, what was more moving was to hear the compassion, intelligence and empathy as he talked about his fellow citizens and how he might serve them.

We need leaders who care about their neighbors when bad things happen. I will be proud to vote for Allen Ellison.

Judy Minier

Punta Gorda

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