Allen Ellison Condemns the Actions of the President of the United States

Given the serious nature of COVID-19 and the lack of leadership being displayed by most of our current state and federal government, I was given the opportunity to speak with Allen Ellison, 2018 and 2020 Democratic nominee currently running for election to the U.S. House of Representatives to represent Florida’s 17th Congressional District, about the recent actions of President Trump.
GW: Make it make sense for the American people — the latest theatrics from the President Trump concerning his challenges with COVID-19.

AE: For Trump to have used his power and position as President of the United States to bully medical professionals and his security personnel into accommodating his selfish, reckless behavior is irresponsible beyond measure. It is reprehensible. He has put the lives of countless people at risk by exposing them to the deadly contagion he carries. He has placed the lives of countless others at risk by tweeting categorically false information about the novel coronavirus. To be clear, yes, there is reason to be afraid of COVID-19 because it can kill you. 210,000 Americans are proof of that. 1.04 million people worldwide are proof of that.”
GW: Provide your thoughts on President Trump’s latest video.
AE: It’s obvious from the released video of Trump’s return to the White House that he is without a doubt not well. The medications are strong and have serious cognitive side effects and has the ability to affect one’s mood. He may feel good now, but he is still a very sick man. Posing for a photo op without his mask tells us all we need to know — he has learned nothing and answers to no one but his ego.”
GW: What can the American people learn from this behavior?
AE: Keep your masks on. This virus is too deadly — too catastrophic to the body for vanity and games. The American people have experienced enough death and grief.

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