FAQs: Florida’s 2020 Voter Registration Deadlines

As the 2020 election draws closer my team and I have heard many people ask about voter registration deadlines. People are concerned about whether they will be able to exercise their right to vote when they show up to the polls. Voter registration deadlines are important because if you miss the deadline (when the books close) you will not be permitted to vote. This year we will have a Presidential Primary Election, Primary Election and then a General Election. The General Election is on November 3. During the general election we will have candidates on the ballot from all levels from the President down to local candidates. Here are the important dates:

  • The registration deadline to vote in the Presidential Primary Election is February 18.
  • The Presidential Primary Election will be held on March 3.
  • The registration deadline to vote in the Primary Election is July 20.
  • The Primary Election will be held on August 18.
  • The registration deadline to vote in the General Election is October 5.
  • A General Election will be held on November 3 to fill national, state, county, and district offices.

In recent years certain groups have used voter disenfranchisement, voter suppression and voter intimidation to steal elections and discourage people from voting. We do not want that to happen this year.
We will not stand for any barriers to exercising our right to vote.
We need to take our right to vote seriously.
We need to make sure our voices are heard.
Candidates like Allen Ellison are counting on your vote.
Once elected, Allen Ellison will amplify your voice in Washington, DC.

Take a moment to make sure you will not encounter any issues when you show up to the polls.

Remember to update your address and contact information if it has changed. Voter registration is a matter of high importance so we encourage you to make checking and updating your registration status a priority.

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