Allen Ellison Announces the No Dem Left Behind Coalition’s Platform on Legalizing Cannabis

Allen Ellison announces the No Dem Left Behind Coalition’s platform on legalizing cannabis. In showing support the legalization of cannabis, the coalition is also announcing their support of the expungement of all nonviolent offenders as a result of cannabis, and the federal legalization of cannabis, due to the positive consequences agriculturally, and to the criminal justice system.

Agricultural & Environmental Benefits – Under our current system, the criminalization of cannabis doesn’t prevent it from being grown, but only prevents it from being grown using viable methods. As cannabis is grown indoors, it requires intense light fixtures, complicated humidifiers, continuous air conditioners, purifiers, and ventilation systems. Growing cannabis indoors uses 1% of the nation’s total electricity uses. NDLB supports the legalization of cannabis to enable more efficient growth practices throughout the United States, reducing the nation’s carbon footprint.

Criminal Justice System Benefits – The criminalization of cannabis has disproportionately affected communities of color, especially black communities. In the United States, African American individuals are 4 times more likely than white individuals to be arrested for marijuana possession, despite using marijuana at the same rate as white individuals. NDLB believes that the legalization of cannabis will positively affect the criminal justice system by decline the number of nonviolent offenders and reducing the number of African American individuals who are targeted by law enforcement.

“I believe that we are at a point in our nation’s history whereby, it is time to right the wrongs perpetrated upon America’s most vulnerable citizens. It is past time that we stand up and say no more. We will not continue to allow the criminal justice apparatus to systematically and disproportionately incarcerate black and brown men and women for the same or similar offenses as others in this country. I’m running to right those wrongs,” stated Allen Ellison, Candidate for US House of Representatives in Florida’s 17th District.

Cannabis & The GOP – The Trump Administration’s farm bailouts have done little to address the problems facing the agricultural community and have cost the taxpayer billions. No Dem Left Behind’s support of legalizing cannabis will offer support for both the taxpayer and the farmers, enabling them to make up the sales that were lost thanks to the Trump Administration’s trade dispute with marijuana sales.

About No Dem Left Behind

No Dem Left Behind is a national grassroots coalition dedicated to getting Democratic candidates in red districts elected. It is composed of nine candidates across the country.

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