Allen Ellison Joins National Coalition To Elect Rural Democrats In Red Districts.

Allen Ellison, candidate for Florida’s 17th Congressional District, has joined the national coalition, No Dem Left Behind, to elect Democrats in heavily red districts.  

No Dem Left Behind is a grassroots organization partnering with other organizations across the country to raise awareness on the issues that matter and support qualified candidates reach their goals. The campaign launches on December 3, in conjunction with #GivingTuesday where they intend to raise over $1 million. 

“Most voters don’t know who their elected officials are in Congress. That’s because these elected officials haven’t done anything that makes a direct impact in the lives of their constituents. We can do better. We must elect new leaders with fresh ideas, who are committed to working together to improve the plight of the working people.  Working together we can tackle the issues and create solutions that will set our country on a new path forward.”, stated Allen Ellison

The coalition leads a groundbreaking campaign that has never been seen before in American politics. The coalition’s main goal is to provide voters with a real opportunity to hear all sides of the issues, to make sure every voice is heard, and that every vote counts. No Dem Left Behind has passionate candidates from Florida to Indiana, West Virginia to Arizona and many more in between. The coalition is fostering an environment of togetherness that educates, unites and empowers voters on a monumental scale. As a member of the coalition, Allen will be working to:

● Protect the Middle Class

● Secure Access to Affordable Health Care

● Expand Mental Health Services

● Fully Fund Health Care to our Veterans

● Combat the Opioid Crisis

● Rebuild Our National Infrastructure

● Protect Future Generations from Climate Change

Voters across this country deserve zealous public servants that never forget who they are fighting for. We will only survive when we have a government that works for the people. No Dem Left Behind is dedicated to making that hope a reality.

For press inquiries for Allen Ellison, please contact Jim Blue at or call at (419) 290-7591.

For press inquiries for No Dem Left Behind, please contact Matt Tapia at or call at (708) 288-2066.

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